Penny Beautiman


Penny was born in Hull, hence the concentration of her work on ships, the sea and industry.

She has a BA Degree in Fine Art from University of Reading specialising in printmaking and book production. After graduating, she taught in secondary schools all over England.Her work uses print to create a personal language to describe the visual elements that interest her. She is particularly aware of the sense of desolation and abandonment left by man’s activities on the landscape.

Penny regularly exhibits in open exhibitions in Staffordshire and Cheshire and with the Orme Art Group. She is a member of Cheshire Artists Network and takes part in the Cheshire Open Studios scheme.

‘My interest is in moored boats, harbours, industrial buildings and detritus, empty landscapes, the ephemeral quality of human effort. To this end, I use materials which leave a mark, but are in themselves insubstantial, frequently discarded, mesh, sandpaper, textured paper, thread and string.

Each of my prints is produced by hand. I cut the main design in MDF, removing the areas I don’t want to print. The block may be printed several times in different colours with more areas being cut out. I may also rub ink away from the surface. Textures are added by glueing sandpaper, mesh and thread to the surface of the block.These techniques mean that every print is slightly different and labelled Artist’s Proof. I produce only 6 prints of each image on Fabriano 5 paper.’


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