Ian Chadwick



I was born on the Isle of Wight; I graduated from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, in 1994, specializing in sculpture.

In 1996 I pursued my interest in glass as a medium and worked in glass studios in Scotland. I moved to Timperley in Cheshire in 2001 and spent two years experimenting with new glass working techniques. I set up my business in 2003 producing traditional glass craft and kiln-formed glass art.

My range of kiln-fused glass is constantly evolving and my current collection of work is concerned strongly with pattern forming.

For many years I have had an interest in sacred geometry and in particular the meditation symbols known as mandalas. Mandalas contain many of the principles important in the esoteric geometry utilised for example by craftsmen for centuries in the design of cathedrals and stained glass windows.

My latest range of work is bringing the essence of mandalas into the patterns present within my work. The techniques I use are similar to mosaic work, each individual point of colour is an individual piece of glass arranged in a manner which produces a kaleidoscopic, op-art effect.

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