Becky Thorley Fox

wildlife artist


Born in Cheshire, Becky studied at Bath Spa University on a Creative Arts degree in Art and Textiles. Soon after graduating she moved to Wales to be closer to the places that inspire her work. In 2012/2013 Becky returned to Cheshire to learn more about the subjects that inspire her work through studying, ecology, biology, conservation, wildlife behaviour and botany on a land based Diploma course. From June- November 2014 Becky was based at Ynys Hir RSPB reserve as an artist in residence working to illustrate wildlife interactions and behaviour in the field through sketches and water colour studies. Her work was exhibited in the reserve centre and updated weekly.  She also attended the SWLA Seabird drawing week in East Lothian, a unique course and fantastic experience and opportunity to work with many artists passionate about working from intense first hand experiences. Becky has been awarded the SWLA Seabird Drawing bursary to return again next year. ‘This last year I have been focused on developing an ability to work directly from nature, I relish the challenge of trying to capture life and energy directly from what the day brings. Working in this way offers a continuous journey of learning as I am forced to respond quickly often under testing conditions. Through these opportunities for close observation I can develop my understanding of my subjects form and behaviour and with limited time I am forced to describe it with a spontaneity that breathes life into marks on the paper that hold a strong link to the memory of the event’.

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