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This workshop is run by The Potters Barn, A place to go to enhance your creativity.

Potters Courses. A one-day pottery course covering the potters wheel, handbuilding, explanation of glazing and firings.
This is for personal tuition from 10 am until 4 pm and all materials used (firing costs on top). There is a break for lunch, which can be brought or taken at a local pub. We end the course with reflection on the day and the pots made. You can chose to have your work fired at a nominal cost.
This is aimed at giving you a “taster” session in general terms and not as enabling you to make the perfect vase etc. You should know if pottery is for you or not by the end of it though. But be warned if it gets into your blood there is no going back!

Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses available.
There is a maximum of two students to one potter.

Raku. Japanese Kiln Firing method. Great Fun, Steam, Smoke and Flames.
If you have tried Raku before you know what fun it is, if not you have a great experience ahead of you.
The day includes refreshments, BBQ lunch and your finished glazed pots to take home.

You will experiment on several pieces before moving on to larger pots.
If you have your own pots you can fire these depending on size and what we think about them (materials etc.) on the day.
You will observe and have the opportunity to help in the firing process as well as learning how to glaze a Raku pot.

The Raku Day is suitable for all (adults).
The Day runs from 11:00 to 4:30.

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