Stephen Hitchin



In recent years, in undertaking a series of commissions, I have worked with a range of materials including metal, stained glass, ceramics and bronze I have also employed the processes of both laser and plasma cutting. Whilst each of these processes offers opportunities that are unique and challenging I am always pleased to return to working with stone.


Stone with its reductive process affords me the opportunity to have a close sensitive relationship with the material. The correlation between process and idea always feels closer when I am working with stone.


Whilst the material from the outset may appear hard, the subtle modulation of form that is achievable, when working with stone, allows me to extend and develop a range of ideas that I find difficult to achieve in other materials. For me stone is the most sympathetic material for me to project and develop an idea.


The physical requirements of releasing the sculpture from the raw block of stone allied to the cerebral process offers me the most rewarding and challenging means to explore and produce sculpture.


More recently I have retuned to direct carving and in particular with marble, some examples being available on this web site. Much of my work responds to my interest in movement and the physical and emotional aspects represented within the human form.


Work is represented in a number of private and public collections in the UK, Sweden, Israel and North America.

Studio Address:

Bridewell Studios
Prescot Street
L7 8UE

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