Sabine Kussmaul

mixed media


I am a visual artist based in Prestbury, close to Macclesfield, United Kingdom.

Drawing has been the starting point and a re-occuring view-point for my visual arts practise. ?I have studied Fashion and Design, worked in the respective industry, as a teacher for Art & Design and in Illustration. My fine arts practise is the last of these activities.

I am fascinated by marks, structures, patterns. The visible and the invisible and hidden ones. Landscape and the surface of the Earth is one such inspiring, ever-changing, multi-dimensional set of structures and patterns. Climate, weather, human and animal activity change it permanently. Beyond this physical expression of life and change, there are no less fascinating features that life presents us with: Formulae as science discovers them, relationships as we construct, live and change them,…there is music, a parallel world of structures in itself. Some such patterns can be visualised… Some are only coming into existence as we go along…And there is also the “pre-pattern” state of things, before we have recognised them, though we use them and instinctively maneuver around in them. I think our individual human experience is such a “stack” or “sandwich” of memories, experiences, knowledge and feelings, all intricately “inter-woven”.

I like to have this naive idea that actually, all these patterns are already there,….ready for us to “pick”, to “fish out”, like you would fish with a net to catch the butterfly….but you only ever catch some part of “the whole picture”. This is, I believe, why I find visual image fragments so interesting. They have the nature of incompleteness. In my visual arts practise, I like to make image fragments of different kinds interact with each other. The visual relationships that emerge are often surprising, influenced by some amount of randomness (there is this aspect of unpredictability in life, is there?)  I also like to use features of transparency and multi-layered-ness in my work – Life is a multi-dimensional experience and many things occur simultaneously.

Short biography

I studied Fashion. Exploring the visual world through drawing, that was already what I had been doing anyway. Finding out about the human figure, how to put lines and shapes, and textures around it, meant to me to give the drawing side of things the ultimate potency. I was fascinated by the sculptural aspect of the “garmented” human body and its two-dimensional illustration. I graduated in 1991 from “Fachhochschule für Gestaltung”, Pforzheim, Germany and then went on to study Illustration and Photography at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. By then, it had become apparent, that any professional work in Art, Fashion & Design had to contain a high element of drawing and mark making.?I worked as a free-lance designer for active wear but soon found the industry restrictive and not offering me a big enough platform to concentrate on drawing and mark-making. Focusing on Illustration and teaching Art & Design seemed to be the better fit. I moved to the UK in 1998. Since 2008 I have exclusively focussed on my fine arts practise.


Here are the few key dates to do with my life in Art & Design.

2002           PGCE (FE) Sunderland University

1991 – 1992   Studies at Pratt Institute and F.I.T, New York in Illustration, Drawing, Photography) as part of a  post-graduete scholarship with The German National Scholarship Foundation.

1987 – 1991    Fashion-Design (degree), Hochschule Pforheim, Germany

It appears, that, through time, my practical arts production process changes, as does my perception of the contexts and themes and issues that informs it. Looking back,  my work can be seen as coming in stages, in varying focus points, but also somehow building on top of each other. I have gradually moved from exploring visual statements to do with traces, marks and structures using line in a range of physical mediums to placing such linear structures into “architecture”, ….by arranging them in the illusionary three-dimensionality of a picture and physically super-imposing them above each other within a frame.  Super-imposed line structures, layering, hiding and revealing gave some of the processes an “archeological feel”…. ?Elements of transparency and fragmentation have become important features.?I am now interested in arranging pictures in the three dimensions, e.g via projections and the layering of mediums that are not only visual, but different in nature altogether e.g. like sound and moving images (video).


Solo exhibitions

2013 Sefton Lodge, Liverpool

2013 Inka Café Bar, Macclesfield

2012 Gallery at Bank Quay House, Warrington

2012 “Fragmented views”, MerseyBio, Liverpool

2012 “Transfigured Spaces”, Barnaby Festival Art Trail, Macclesfield

2011 Cheshire Open Studios, at own studio, Prestbury

2011 “Canvas, thread & steel”, The Arts Centre, Bollington

2010 B.O. Architecture, Bensheim, Germany

1997 Himmlisch, Rastatt

1997 Die Schule, Pforzheim

Group exhibitions

2014 “Crafted”, Huyton Gallery, Knowsley

2014 Funky Aardvark Open, Chester

2014  Warrington Contemporary Photography Open

2014 Cheshire Open Studios

2014, Funky Aardvark, Chester

2014 “Ghosts in the machine”, Barnaby Festival Macclesfield with Sara MacKian       2013 Exhibition of Figurative Art, The Attic Gallery, Macclesfield                               2013  Macclesfield Open Art Exhibition, Silk Museum, Macclesfield

2013  “Three Counties Open 2013”, Keele University

2013  Warrington Open Contemporary Art Exhibition

2013  “Skarts – Stockport Open Contemporary Art Show”, Stockport

2013  Eggspace, Liverpool

2013 “Echoes  – evolution innit?” , Barnaby Festival Macclesfield, with Erika Groeneveld and   ?           Tony Berriman

2013  Open Exhibition Grosvenor Museum, Chester

2012  Cheshire Open Studios, Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham

2012 “Hospitality Re-Viewed”, Baltic Creative, Liverpool

2012 “Fabric of the Land”, Geology & Petroleum Geology School of Geosciences, ?           University Aberdeen

2012 “Other Dimensions”, Bebb & Sekers, Adlerle Edge

2012 “Abstracted”, Marburae Art Gallery, Macclesfield

2012 “Reflections”, The Art Lounge, New Mills

2012 Waterside Arts Centre Open Exhibition, Sale

2011 The Big Draw: “Drawing Perspectives” at Everyman Art Gallery, Chorlton

2011 Warrington Contemporary Open Exhibition

2011 “Inspired To…”,  Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

2011 Cheshire Open Studios at Raw Siena, Knutsford

2011 British Aviation Authority: Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5

2011 “Muse of the 10th Night”, Snowgoose, Macclesfield

2011 “The Open”, Stockport Art Gallery?2010 Al Panino, Macclesfield

2010 Art House, Lindow House, Wilmslow?1997 42 Artists, Pforzheim, Germany


2014  Special commendation, Funky Aardvark Open, Chester

2014  1st Prize, Funky Aardvark, Chester: “Cheshire Open Studios

2013  3rd Prize, Grosverner Museum Open Exhibition,Chester

2013  Highly commended, Marburae Art Gallery “Cheshire Open Studios 2013”

2011  Prize Winner category “Seasons” with “Cool cloud on memory lane”, Warrington

Contemporary Arts Festival 2011

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