Maria Walker

textiles and mixed media

Maria Walker’s practice explores the concept of memory, nostalgia and forgetting through a combination of textiles, illustration, digital imagery, text and found objects. She is particularly interested in telling the stories of ordinary people which are often overlooked. She takes her inspiration from the traces people have left behind through an exploration of personal objects and clothing which often evoke personal and cultural memories.
Her most recent exhibition “The Lightfoot Letters”, which was a collaboration between herself and a poet, was inspired by a bundle of old letters which she found in an antique centre, and tells the story of a working class family in Widnes in the 1920’s. Her more recent fine art sculptural work explores the themes of flow, continuity and memory as an abstract concept.
Maria is an honorary curator at Warrington Museum and has worked on the Cabinet of Curiosities Project. She also is a educator/facilitator and runs workshops for children, adults and older people. She also gives talks to groups.

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