Lynne Stein


Lynne Stein is a highly skilled and experienced textile artist who has also trained and worked as an Art Therapist.  Lynne’s textiles are based upon the traditional techniques of rag rug making and she uses both hand and machine tufted processes to produce rugs, wall hangings, pictorial pieces, screens and three-dimensional works. She also uses other processes, such as felt making and hand and machine stitch in her work.

Lynne’s sculptural and painterly approach involves the use of a vast array of largely recycled fabrics and fibres in order to achieve the vibrant an exciting colour blends and rich surface textures which are a significant feature of her work.

The accessibility of the medium of rag rugging, makes it ideal for work with groups in a wide variety of situations.  Lynne’s work is frequently commissioned by local authorities – art and leisure, libraries, museums, galleries, education and health care trusts.  These commissions often involve her working collaboratively with school and youth groups, local residents, hospital patients and staff, people with special needs and the elderly.  Much of her work within education is designed to provide a valuable contribution to the National Curriculum.

Frequently running workshops, and giving talks and demonstrations, Lynne’s work also receives substantial media coverage. She has been a contributor to books, magazines, journals, television and radio programmes, and has recently authored a book for Bloomsbury publishers, entitled “RAG RUG CREATIONS: An Exploration of Colour and Surface.”

Lynne’s textiles are exhibited in many venues both in the UK and abroad, and enhance public spaces, private collections, galleries and museums. She runs an ongoing interfaith textile project each year, within the healthcare sector in Jerusalem.

The annual inter-faith textile project I run in a children’s clinic in Jerusalem, “EVERYONE SMILES IN THE SAME LANGUAGE.”

Ragworks”, Lynne’s company is able to supply all the tools and equipment necessary for rag rug making.




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