Urban Inventor


‘My artist name is Jungle.
‘My work is graffiti no graffiti, I am an urban inventor’.

‘My future journey with art will continue to produce new boundaries and find original ideas to manipulate  what I imagine, but also find new ways to execute exciting results.’

Jungle experiments in all mediums and at the moment is experimenting with concrete, encasing items that fit his style and bring some of his past pictures to life in sculpture.

Jungle’s roots are in music and spray Art. He is a well known  drum + bass / electronic music producer  and was signed to L-double’s ‘Flex Records’ in Leeds
and ‘Skam Records’ in Manchester.
He was the 1st UK producer to release a Jungle sample cd for production pioneers ‘TIME + SPACE (ZERO-G)’  helping to grow the drum + bass scene for producers worldwide. Jungle has also released many collectable white labels off his own back.

Jungle started his artistic life making a name selling paintings and art on the internet. Auctioning 4 galleries, of 100 paintings each, helped distributing his work throughout the UK.
His fascination with getting his Art to people include his innovative idea of leaving pieces of a large artwork in jigsaw format across the whole of the UK,
connecting random finders with a piece of his work, and when placed together make 1 huge painting.

He currently has 250 paintings in 3 London hospitals which were donated by Saatchi Gallery and has produced work for

Liberty’s of London
Saatchi Gallery
Birmingham/ Solihull/ and Imperial War Museum
Edinburgh Castle
The Ice Hotel
Roman abramovich
Stella McCartney
Mervyn King
sportsman – Freddy Flintoff, Ricky Hatton, Djibril Cisse and Wayne Rooney
TV shows –

CH4’s Changing Rooms

ITV’s SOS the BIG BUILD with Laurence Llewelyn Bowen.



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