John Wilkinson



I am a self-taught artist who moved to Sheffield from London in 1990. Working principally in acrylics on canvas, applied with palette knives, my work explores physical and social destruction and renewal. Using imagery inspired by the derelict remnants of the industrial landscape of the north, my paintings provide a landscape for the viewer to get lost in, corners to turn and nooks and crannies to explore. I try to encourage the mind to wander through our past endeavours and consider the impact of the new. Occupying the grey area between representation and abstraction, the paintings draw on the changing physical infrastructure of our landscape to explore the consequences of our willingness to tear down the past and rebuild. I have had solo shows in Sheffield, Northwich and Congleton and regard the exhibition as a key part of my artistic process. The current show, ‘We are not in the least afraid of ruins’ is an exploration of the human tendency for destruction and rebuilding. The show features a changing landscape of 20-30 paintings responding to different aspects of the relationship between people and the technological and social forces that create the human condition. My work is influenced heavily by the 19th century sublimicists, as well as Turner, Cezanne, Larinov, Malevich, and Lanyon. I regard the 1910-1925 period as the most exciting time to be an artist, and hopes for a future where art regains the relevance it had then.  Exhibitions Industrial – 20 paintings in a group show with three other artists. gage gallery, Sheffield, November 2012 We are not in the least afraid of ruins – Gage gallery Sheffield Sept 2013 Artworks gallery, Northwich – March 2014 Electric Picture House, Congleton – June 2014 Alluvium 3 7 paintings in a group show with 14 other artists – Rotherham Nov 2014 Contact details  Website:  Facebook: John Wilkinson – Artist ( Email: