Jo Thilwind

real surreal art



is a concept as much as an overall

title for my body of work.

I love the idea of there being a place that exists between

waking and dreaming. I imagine it being a place of magic,

the source of creativity and pure thought.

A place where the soul flourishes and flies free, and

the restrictions between reality and non reality are blurred.

Dreams have always been a fascination for me, and an

inspiration. I dream paintings sometimes, and as an artist I

am always trying to connect with that place in my everyday

waking life. It is where my art comes from.

I love playing with perspective and Illusion and many of my paintings

break the rules although that is not always immediately

apparent- which is part of the magic. This is why I callĀ  it

REAL SURREAL ART, as its looks real but can turn out

to be quite surreal.

In tricking the eye, you challenge the mind, and so question

reality. I like that.

I create the paintings to look beautiful, and be loved,

I also want them to be fascinating and inspire, and possibly even

lift the hearts of those who take the time to look at them awhile.

I hope I have in some way achieved that.

That is up to you.

Prints are available.

commissions on request.

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