Jenny McKenzie

abstract impressionist

I am an abstract impressionist artist currently based in Derbyshire, England and I also have a studio in South West France. My work is inspired by real places and experiences and in the process of creating a finished piece of work I make sketches en plein-air, in pen and colour as well as taking photographs for reference. I am not wedded to an image of reality but more to capturing the atmosphere and feeling of a place. Hence the perspectives, colours and dimensions are abstracted to create the final impression.

My work is inspired by my life and surroundings. I use colour, variable perspective and scale to create abstract impressionist work that finds a juxtaposition between ‘place’ in real time and the feelings and emotions evoked by it. I strive to produce vibrant works of art that have clarity of colour and light but leave a sense of interpretation to the onlooker.

I have recently concentrated on landscapes in both England and France as well as sea scapes in Wales. My arctic scape series was created from a voyage across the Arctic Circle. I have also created a series of works inspired by the interiors of iconic country houses and chateaux as well as the simpler depictions of a family home. All of the work on my website is from 2018 – 2020.

I use watercolour, torn paper collage and ink. My work is on highest quality watercolour paper and has a broad deep mount and is glazed with in a hand finished frame using acid free materials.

I also enjoy making illustrative depictions from observation using pen, pencil and colour.

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