Gill Nicholas


Gill Nicholas is an exciting emerging artist currently working on exploring our view of reality. Her work can be described as Surrealism, Fantasy, Magical Realism or Symbolism.

Her current work is inspired by an exploration of the modern world. She uses nature, figurative reference, dreams and emotions to inform her subject matter. Her work comes as a reaction to visiting locations. It also includes myths, legends and fairy tales and how these can be related to today’s living.

She splits her work into four distinct categories: Externals, this includes figurative, representational and realistic paintings; Internals, which are purely abstract from emotions and subconscious; Magical additions, these are painted from reality with magical elements added to create a narrative; and Surreal, which are more abstract and linked to emotions and the unconscious. With these four categories she created the ‘Delusional Scale’ with Externals at one end and Internals at the other. It is moving around on this scale and applying it to recording the reality being observed that allows her to capture its essence in a different way.

Gill Nicholas now mostly works in acrylics on canvas with some work in oil paints. She experiments and records in many different media on many surfaces. to get to her finished work

Gill Nicholas has returned to painting after a career in pottery and teaching.

She started selling paintings at a child and won national competitions as a teenager. She completed my A level art at night school whilst doing her GCSEs and went on to do foundation diploma art at Manchester Polytechnic.  She gained BA hons in 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. Gill Nicholas then completed a PGCE in secondary art and after teaching for a few years, owned a pottery activity centre and gallery for ten years working collaboratively with schools, businesses and organisations producing installations, awards and education programs.

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