Little Bulb Theatre : Operation Greenfield

Little Bulb Theatre : Operation Greenfield Tues 25th Oct : 7.30pm Axis Theatre : £8 (£5 concs)

Somewhere in middle England four unlikely teenagers are preparing for judgement day with ladders, Elvis and Forest Fruits squash – Stokely’s annual talent competition is nigh. With a stage full of instruments and an eclectic mix of recorded music, Little Bulb Theatre capture the confusing, awkward and beautifully naïve time of adolescence. The time when the once simple beliefs you held dear need re-adjusting to face the complexities of adulthood.Little Bulb Theatre is an award-winning national touring company based in the South East of England, committed to developing devised and physical theatre performances which explore and illuminate minute human details that, in a world so big, are easily swallowed up. Combining innovative character work, beautiful imagery and exciting homemade music, we aspire to create performances that with humour and sadness will touch, startle and entertain.“Boundlessly enthusiastic, insanely optimistic and inexpressibly charming” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian