Elements of Place Exhibition featuring John Wilkinson and Paul Dearden

Elements of Place – what does landscape mean to you?

Two South Yorkshire painters, Paul Dearden and John Wilkinson, are hosting a joint exhibition at Sheffield’s popular gage gallery, Lion Works, 40 Ball St Sheffield S3 8DB. The exhibition previews on Friday 3rd July at 6.30pm, and all are welcome at this opening event. A music/performance evening is also planned, on Saturday 11th July. This will feature Piggle, a freeform outfit with eclectic and creative approaches to instrumentation. All are welcome at both events, if you can’t make an evening, the show runs daily 11am-4pm until the 17th July.

The exhibition features recent works by both artists reflecting their personal responses to the landscapes that surround and inspire them. These works are sublime, an aesthetic encompassing beauty, magnificence and awe, but unlike the sublimity beloved of the Romantics these do not set the grotesque and overpowering up as counter to classical perfection.

Paul Dearden’s abstract landscapes are indeed both magnificent and awe inspiring, but their beauty is in the elemental forces they depict, barely held in check, and tinged with menace and foreboding. Dearden’s natural world is indeed beautiful and awesome, but it’s also in control, holding forth the power and capacity to challenge, and if required, inflict retribution on humankind for its neglectful and profligate ways.

John Wilkinson’s paintings draw on the relationships between the natural and industrial landscape, always pointing to the human element that has played such a large part in shaping both. These are works coloured with sorrow, regret and anger at the human tendency to destroy in order to create, and they beg the question ‘how much longer can we do this’?

Both John and Paul create spaces that draw the viewer in; these are landscapes that can be wandered through, with hidden corners, nooks and crannies to explore and investigate. Featuring paintings, installation pieces and video, this is a must see exhibition.


For more information contact John Wilkinson on 07903 460450.