Art Up Close partners with MMU to create community banners in celebration of 100 years of MMU in Cheshire and 175 years of the town of Crewe


Art Up Close community artists have been commissioned by Manchester Metropolitan University to run workshops with communities in Crewe to create finished artworks to celebrate 100 years of MMU in Cheshire and 175 years of the town of Crewe. The printed artworks will be suspended as banners from the lamp posts of Crewe from MMU to the town centre

In the 1st Phase of the banner project Cheshire East has sponsored 5 community workshops with Art Up Close artists to create banners that will be displayed during the Olympic Torch parade.


MMU Banner Project

MMU Banner Project

Photographed by Adam Capper

Artist                                     Community                                                                        Techniques

Midge                                Beech Drive Project         Collage using photos, felt pens, and paper cutouts

Alison                                Wishing Well                      Felt work  

Jo Thilwind                     Touchwood                         Collage using collected leaves and twigs from Queens Park. Crewe

Vicky Groves                   Autism Network               Papier maché     

Kate McKennan            Crewe and Nantwich Senior Forum        Strncils and cutout paper   



In the 2nd phase businesses will be given the opportunity to sponsor more artist led workshops with the communities of Crewe