Chris Boland

contemporary jewellery


Chris Boland was born in York and studied  Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University. Since  graduating, he has worked as a self employed artist jeweller and  metalworker. His work sells at selected galleries and shops around the  country. He currently maintains a studio at the Porter Brook studios in  Sheffield.
Artists Statement Structure is of fundamental  importance in my work. I use my fascination of gemstone and crystal  structure to inform my bespoke jewellery pieces. Strong, bold shapes are used to stress the unique qualities of the gemstones. When creating my  jewellery, I combine strength and confidence with delicacy and  intricacy. I work mainly in silver and precious gemstones sometimes  using gold to accentuate. The premise behind my work is that the wearer  would display, on a human scale, that which is normally hidden from view by its microscopic size


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