Ché Finch


Born in South Africa, Ché Finch is a Cheshire based artist working primarily in ceramics and print, much of which has an autobiographical element representing an internal dialogue of what memory is, and how those memories change and transform us.

Fascinated by restricting representational narrative as a creative approach, Ché uses this to drive her work, innovating the way she sees and presents visuals. This process in part stems from earlier work as a tutor using African Rhythm Tree, where structure is used to create an expressive freedom within and is aimed at innovating new ideas and techniques.

“I love the intimacy of working with clay and the ambiguity that glazes lend my work. For me it’s very much about being there and allowing my feelings to drive and reinterpret the work”.?

Ché produces richly textured ceramics with repeated layering of multiple glazes, stains and oxides being a signature of her expertise, with a focus on glaze interactions referencing a constant sense of flux. These techniques enable her to incorporate great levels of detail, colour resonance and texture throughout the work.

Her collagraphic prints use similar principles, deconstructing the visuals of landscape to focus on its key elements, resulting in landscapes that impart a sense of transience and the nomadic.

Ché also has a history of involvement as co-founder of several Arts Organisations, organising and curating exhibitions in the North West.




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